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The Only
Real Estate Event That Guarantees Your Success
And Will Take You By The Hand To Show You EXACTLY How We Do It - Absolutely Free!
* very limited seating - only 50 spots... *

Saturday July 14


Only 50 Spots

Very limited seating...

Jim Toner

Best Selling Author
What You Will Learn In This Free Live Event:
Get Started by "Flipping Houses"
You can start without any money or any credit - it's true!  When I started I was living in a crappy apartment with plastic furniture so I know how to work with zero money, zero credit, and zero connections
How To Find the BEST Properties
You don't make money when you sell, you make your money when you buy.  We'll show you how to decide if a house is right in less than 15 minutes.  If you follow our proven system it's nearly impossible to fail.
Learn How To Start Part-Time
The best part of learning a system is how much time it saves.  You won't need to work endless hours figuring stuff out - we show you exactly what to do!  Even if you're a busy professional, busy single parent, or just working 3 jobs like I was, you can do this.
At The Event You'll Get:

FREE "I Am The Boss" Coffee Mug

Maybe it's only in my mind... but I can look over at my mug and know "I AM The Boss". Yes, one of these mugs adorns my desk! (It's the one pictured).  Fancy letter openers and custom drip catching mat not included.

When you register you'll get:

Best selling book "The Consumer's Guide To Investment Real Estate"

Learn from students that started right where you are now, TODAY.  Experience how each of them went from struggling to success... in their own way.
After You Attend, To Take Home:

Fast Start Real Estate Investor CD

What do you do when the party is over?  Listen to this CD on your way home and know exactly what to do next to start building wealth.  Don't let the excitement die like it has so many times in the past!  Don't let anyone or anything keep you from making your dreams come true, now... TODAY. (regularly $19.95, yours FREE)
How Can We Guarantee Your Success?

Getting A Deal - Guaranteed

Most companies will use the word "guaranteed".  While we can't say what they use the word for, here's what we mean:

IF (and it is an "IF") you are accepted to our program, you will have an investment property, even if we have to sell you one of ours! Bottom line, we will find you a deal. 

Why would we do this?

Listen, we know your situation.  Most people come calling when they hit the peak of earning power and suddenly realize "I'm screwed." You're not getting any younger (or faster).  If you want to earn more you've got to sacrifice all kinds of things - family time, weekends, vacations, holidays - and you have ZERO guarantee those sacrifices will amount to a single extra dollar in the end.  You've looked around and realized that you don't have any upside.  There is no safety net and you've taken waaaaaaay too long to "get started".  You need to do something, and you need to do something quick.

We're not here to dump a bunch of information on you and say "se ya later, gator".  We're here to help you pull yourself up by the bootstraps.  To be right by your side, helping, advising, lending all of the experience we've gained by making mistakes - so you don't have to.

Come to the live event. That's the only way you'll have any sort of trust that we're real and that we're here to help.

What do our successful students say?
"I'm Getting $3,000 a Month Now"
"I Made $14,000 On My First Deal"
"We Made $47,000 On Our First Deal "
 Results may vary and are not typical of every individual or the average individual. Jim Toner is an expert and has thousands of real estate transactions in his experience. Jim's results are certainly not typical.  Most people who attend free events don't do anything, so they get nothing (or very little). We didn't pay any of our students for their stories. They did, however, invest money in their education and success so they attained their success with our team's help.  Don't think for one minute that the results here are typical, guaranteed, or somehow owed to you. Everyone who has shared their results worked hard, made mistakes, took risks, and was rewarded.  You are given the same opportunity to learn and apply the strategies. However, there is still NO guarantee you will make money, you can, even doing following the plan experience an unforeseen event and experience losses.  We cannot guarantee your results, income or profits. 
While each of the students above has attested to the trutfulness of their report, ETG, LLC and Jim Toner have not independently verified their results.  Like all adults in life, you take your own risks and make your own decisions.  For this reason, not everyone who applies for additional training is accepted and all students must first be interviewed before entering any additional programs. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone in accordance with applicable law. We will never discriminate on the basis of race, skin color, or gender.  
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